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Press Releases

Press Releases

VPG Transducers Introduces Agribar™ Load Cell for Agricultural Industry Weighing Applications

Agribar Model 5330 Designed to Meet Specific Farming, Livestock and Poultry Needs

VPG Transducers Launches New Silo Weighing System

S Series system provides highly-accurate and repeatable measurements for both weight and temperature

New VPG Transducers W Series Provides Enhanced Flexibility and Security

New W Series expands VPG Transducers’ existing instruments portfolio


Next-Generation Intuition Series Weight Indicators from VPG Transducers Offer 10X Expanded Memory and New Standard Features

The fully modular Intuition Series offers reliable, versatile general-purpose weight indication on large six-digit LCD or LED displays, in support of a variety of commercial and industrial requirements.

VPG Transducers Introduces Extensometer for Industrial, EN15000 and EN280 Compliant Off-Highway Vehicle and Equipment Safety Applications

Global market introduction of Model 182 extensometer, a specialty high-performance strain gage-based force sensor, expressly designed for industrial, EN15000 and EN280 compliant off-highway vehicle and equipment safety applications.

VPG Transducers Introduces High-Reliability Load Pins with Best-in-Class Safe Overload Capacity

Model 5113 and Model 5117 load pins provide reliable and repeatable measurements of force, tension, load, and overload parameters, with an industry best-in-class safe overload capacity of up to ±250 kN. 

New VPG Transducers Weight Indicators With Large LED / LCD Displays Deliver Versatility for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced that its VPG Transducers brand has introduced two new weight indicators featuring large six-digit LED and LCD displays. Combining weighing and counting modes with an array of advanced features and communication interfaces, the Intuition 20i and Intuition 22i provide versatile solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.