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Win Prizes from VPG Transducers by participating in our product application contest!

To participate in our contest, follow the simple instructions below. You’ll be asked a few basic questions about how VPG Transducers’ products are used in your application.



The top four applications will be advertised on VPG Transducers Q4 Newsletter (October edition), where you (as the readers/subscribers) will get the opportunity to vote and determine who will come out as the top winner, by ranking your most favourite application to the least.


If you haven't already subscribed to our Newsletter and you wish to take part in our in our product application competition please sign up here: Subscribe to VPG Transducer Newsletter
Please feel free to invite people to subscribe to our Newsletter and vote for your application.


Contest Prizes
1st Place Prize -  Apple NEW AirPods Max (Silver)
2nd Place Prize -  Apple Home Pod (White)
3rd Place Prize -  Apple Home Pod Mini (White)


All four top applications will walk away with a VPG Transducers recognition plaques.


For your chance to win, click here and fill out the Application Contest Entry Form now!


Please complete and send the form to before 03/09/2021.


Contest winners will be announced in our VPG Transducers Q1 Newsletter (December 2021 edition). The list of contest winners will also be posted on the VPG Transducers News website here  and on LinkedIn here VPG Transducers - be sure to follow us.


Contest rules
Please read the following to learn more about this Application contest entry form.


The Product Application Contest Entry Form should be completed in English language only.
By entering into this Application contest and providing the requested information, you hereby expressly consent to VPG Transducers in using such information to create the content for all Marketing collaterals on any current and future activities with or without relation to this competition.

In addition, you hereby waive any claims against, and release VPG Transducers from, the use of such information.


What the contest is about

We are interested in learning more about how VPG Transducers’ products are used in customer application, and understand the product installation process. Your answers will help us to share with our Newsletter readers the best VPG Transducers products application/installation within your industry.


How long will it take to fill in the form

This form has up to 7 questions, and should take less than 15 minutes to complete.



What information is collected

Most information collected is from the answers you give in the contest. Personal information (e.g. Name, Email, etc.) is also collected in order to ensure we have feedback from different customer segments. If you have any questions or want any information on this please to do not hesitate to contact the marketing team here:


Thank you for your interest and participation in this contest!