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The right solution starts with choosing the right partner.

VPG Transducers has provided a wide range of standard and custom weighing and force measurement solutions for decades; we offer proven experience and well-established design capabilities. Our load cells and force sensors use the most advanced foil-based strain gage technology, which we produce internally. Our customers trust us to deliver uncompromised quality, attention and services.

Practical innovation.

VPG Transducers partners with many types of customers in the industrial market, ranging from chemical plants, power plants, the oil and gas market, to system integrators. As new applications are discovered, we're there to help ensure operations run reliably, accurately and safely.. 

Meeting and exceeding your expectations

Under VPG Transducers, we unite four leading market manufacturers -- Tedea-Huntleigh, Revere, Sensortronics and Celtron -- and offer a complete portfolio of standard precision weighing and force measurement products. We have the right profile and decades of experience to be your one-stop resource, and can design a custom solution that will meet your special application needs.  


Fitness device force monitoring

Challenge: Monitor exercise when using a fitness device
Solution: VPG Transducers designed a custom miniature force sensor to fit inside the fitness device. The device is used to track, monitor and log even the most basic compression activity. 

espresso cup just filled

Beverage ingredient control

Challenge: Consistency in beverage flavor and content
Solution: VPG Transducers' custom force sensors ensure the consistent quality of the beverage by accurately dispensing precise amounts of specific ingredients. Integration was made simpler with the use of our custom load cells. 


Snag protection on theatre lifts

Challenge: Safety during scene selection
Solution: Backdrop scenes are typically mounted in hanging panes with minimal clearance between panes. When scenes are selected, panes are lifted and lowered. Contact can be expensive and hazardous. VPG Transducers' products monitor the hanging weight in constantly, preventing contact or snags.

plastics blending machine

Ingredient control for plastic blending

Challenge: Process accuracy
Solution: When plastics are prepared during the manufacturing process, many different ingredients are needed in precise amounts to ensure consistency from color to ductility. VPG Transducers' single point load cell monitors ensure accurate amounts of these components are dispensed, compensating for off-center load characteristics and reducing waste.